Significance Of Building Relationship & Trust

By Janita Kapoor

There is no substitute to the personal touch – I am a firm believer in building relationships as people buy from people, not a business. We are all social beings, we all like to work with people we are comfortable with and it’s so relevant when it comes to an accountants’ relationship with their clients.

As the world becomes an increasingly digital space, there is a real growing need for trust & it is true that trust takes time to build! For someone to trust you, they must know you and that happens when you are being open, transparent & sharing a lot of information with them.
Prospective clients want to know they can trust the individuals they’re dealing with as much as they can trust the company and this where engagement plays an important role, whether it be by email, a phone call, or in person, it’s important to constantly maintain “the human touch”.
Building relationships with clients is about understanding what matters to them and communicating the value you can bring as a lot of buying decisions have more to do with the relationships the buyers have with the salespeople, and less to do with the product or service.

Referrals remain one of the most effective marketing methods for accounting professionals. People trust and value referrals for an accountant more than any other form of marketing or advertising. When clients refer someone to you, they are vouching for you, and in turn it increases their loyalty to you. More than 3 in 4 (77%) of clients would consider a new accounting firm that is referred to them and no amount of technology is going to replace that.(Accounting Firms: What makes you referrable? | ClearlyRated)

We place our connection with our clients above all other elements of the selling process. How do we develop that trust? By adding value and spending plenty of time with our clients both before and after the deal is signed. This very ethos gave birth to the idea of dotclub.
Dot Club had started originally as an opportunity to bring like-minded individuals from the accounting industry together to network catch up and generally have a good time. Our clients who sign up to the dotClub get exclusive access to a newsletter detailing all the networking and industry events that dot are hosting and organising. These could be breakfast meetings, product update seminars and dinner events.

At dot, it’s very important for us that our clients are working with a UK based team. Our UK team understands our clients’ requirements better and are the conduit between our clients and the offshore team.

In my view technology is here to assist accountants to service their clients’ better but when the client is buying a service from you because of the relationship you built over years, then that human element cannot be replaced. And because of this relationship we treat them as friends and that is the key to our success.

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