Distributed teams are the norm now

The 2020 surge in remote working has unlocked the globalisation of service. The fact that your employees can be anywhere in the world has broken down the barriers to outsourcing. It’s made accountancy firms recognise the opportunities for growth that hiring external teams presents, which previously they were missing.

And that’s just traditional outsourcing. dot offers something extra. After 20 years spent in this space, our founders - Arun Ravindranathan and Kehul Patel - identified a need for tech-driven outsourcing for accountants. A way to help firms meet staff and skill shortages and scale up, and at the same time, improve how they do things with technology.

Arun Ravindranathan

Arun Ravindranathan

Kehul Patel

Kehul Patel

We believe that in order to successfully grow your business, you must achieve a symbiosis between people and technology. Many firms will buy fancy accounting tools but not know fully how to use them. We provide accountants well-versed in accounting software who are fast learners and very adept at learning new pieces of software. We aim to bring automation, speed and enhanced accuracy to your bookkeeping, reporting, forecasting and customer relationship management.

How does it work?

First, let’s have a chat about your accounting operation - what’s working and what’s not. Then we’ll explain how we can help.

Once we’ve reached an agreement on your resourcing need, we’ll set up your team of POD's. These are the outsourced accountants that are hired, trained and managed by us, but work exclusively for you. Our onboarding process will also involve a technical lead who will look at how software could be used to bolster your accounting output.

We’ll equip your POD's with everything they need to do the work you give them, and we’ll front all the training, office, hardware and management costs while they work for you. You pay a fixed price per month per POD or per job, which includes access to CRM software. We handle the rest.

How do you know if it’s working for you?

If you start delivering better-quality work to more clients more quickly and efficiently, then you know it’s working.

Our monthly performance evaluations, based on your ratings and feedback, help us make sure our POD's are adding value to your business.

dot will hold regular client engagement calls with your pros and our technical team to monitor progress and suggest improvements where required. We also provide extra training at no additional cost.

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