CSR & Community Support

“The real success of a business should be measured by how much it is able to enhance people’s lives.”

We care not only about the people we work with, but also the people we don’t. We help these people by taking part in corporate social responsibility initiatives as often as we can. Making a positive contribution to the wider community is part of our strategic goals and targets as a people-centric business.

DOT & HYH Partnership

dot values its local community and is pro-active in its responsibilities to provide support where needed. Herts Young Homeless (HYH) is an organisation which we at dot have partnered with to help support their cause in the prevention of homelessness in the Hertfordshire area.

After sitting down with some of my colleagues at dot and chatting about our general interests, one of my team mentioned their individual involvement in engaging with some of the local homeless in Hertfordshire and the things he would do, such as providing them food and simply taking the time to talk to them. As we were then discussing this, I was thinking; What a great thing to do and how had I not thought to do more with regards to helping the situation. So, I then started to investigate this area more by looking at local support networks and organisations who were set up for tackling the issue of homelessness. However, it did not take me long to find HYH, who had been established in the Hertfordshire area since 1998.

I reached out to HYH and asked how myself and dot could get involved in the fundraising and support and their team were swift to get back to me with a warm and informative introduction. I realised how little I knew with regards to the apparent issue of homelessness in the Herts area and the percentage of people who became homeless as a teenager being 80%! So, to find out that HYH’s focus was to prevent the problem with early intervention made complete sense. The services HYH would provide in order to prevent homelessness would be; mediating family issues to try and find a mutual resolve, educate the young teenagers with the life skills they may not have accessible from older family members or school and these methods have contributed to the 2,495 people that HYH have helped get their lives back on track in 2020 alone. I saw similarities in HYH and dot with the way they saw people and wanting to invest the time and resources to help educate them and grow.

With this effective support organisation, there will always be costs to cover and to find out that over the last 5 years the funding has been cut from 76% to 48% confirmed that it was a good time to join HYH and help support their ongoing success and effectiveness against homelessness in Hertfordshire.

So to keep up to date with our fundraising projects with HYH please follow the dot and HYH social media pages below.


Gavin Sneddon

Account Director