How do I find the right outsourcing partner and things to look out for.

How do I find the right outsourcing partner and things to look out for.

More and more businesses today are looking to scale and expand through outsourcing not only to boost productivity and efficiency but also to manage the rapidly evolving technology. Choosing the right outsourcing partner is a major business decision that requires thorough analysis and shortlisting a provider based purely on the lowest quote can have a Read More >

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Agile vs. Waterfall: Finding the Right Path to Project Success

You’ve likely navigated the trenches of both Agile and Waterfall styles of working and while Read More >

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Ensuring Your Data Stays Safe: How We Secure Client Information

At dot, we understand the critical importance of data security.  As a trusted partner to Read More >

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Ditch The Stereotype: Busting Bias at the Workplace

Ever felt judged at work based on something other than your skills and contributions?Many of Read More >

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Motivation – An Inside Job: Own Your Drive, Own Your Success

We’ve all been there. Staring at a blank page, a deadline looming, and the dreaded Read More >

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Championing Women in Accounting: Building a Pathway to Senior Leadership

Women constitute a significant portion of the accounting workforce, making up nearly half of all Read More >

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Beyond the Numbers: The Crucial Role of Soft Skills for Accountants

In the world of finance and accounting, where numbers often take center stage, it’s easy Read More >

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The Offshoring Dilemma: Addressing The Top Concerns.

Accounting firms are increasingly considering offshoring to bolster their resources and remain competitive. While offshoring Read More >

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Mindful Leadership: Balancing Compassion and Accountability in the Workplace

In today’s fast-paced work environments, where deadlines are as tight as skinny jeans, and coffee Read More >

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Offshoring is Easy, Once You Know the How, Why & What!

Offshoring has become a strategic imperative for many companies today. It’s no longer just a Read More >

Get To Know The dots

Meet Sankar Raam, a finance professional with 25 years of in-depth expertise in investment banking, Read More >

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Scaling Up: Growing Your Accounting Firm and Managing Expansion

As an accounting firm, scaling up and managing expansion is a crucial step toward long-term Read More >

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The Power of Word-of-Mouth: Client Referrals and How to Encourage Them

Referrals are one of the most effective and valuable ways for an accounting firm to Read More >

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Navigating Price War and Wage Inflation: Strategies for Business Survival

In the rapidly evolving business environment of today, companies are facing a dual challenge: a Read More >

Get To Know The dots

Meet Manoj Kadam, our very own ‘Jedi of the Jobs’, with his vast experience and Read More >

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Data Guardians: Building a Cybersecurity Culture and Engaging Employees in Data Protection

In today’s digital landscape, where cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, you need to prioritize Read More >

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Professional Development and Lifelong Learning: Nurturing Growth and Success

Today’s rapidly evolving professional landscape has made continuous learning and professional development essential for individuals Read More >

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Remote Teams: Fostering Engagement and Camaraderie

On my recent visit to the UK, I had the opportunity to meet several of Read More >

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ChatGPT & The Accounting Industry: How Can AI Help Accountants?

Having worked in the accounting industry, I understand the importance of staying updated with the Read More >

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Top 5 mistakes to avoid when looking for an offshore accounting service provider.

For companies seeking to scale their operations, either to reduce costs or access a broader Read More >

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5 tips to help your firm manage your offshore remote teams more effectively.

There’s no denying the current trend of offshore remote teams! Establishing an offshore remote team Read More >

dots’ unique concept of POD’s 

Professionals On Demand is where we hire specific members of staff for firms of accountants. Read More >

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Challenges With Attracting & Retaining Top Talent In The Accounting Industry.

Attracting and retaining talented accountants, both at junior and senior levels, can present a significant Read More >

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Office, Home or Hybrid? Which One Supports Employee Mental Wellbeing?

It is a known fact that better mental health leads to better productivity. We believe, Read More >

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Expansion Of An Accountants Role As A Strategic Business Advisor

The accountant’s role has evolved over the years. Modern accountants are now expected to be Read More >

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Remote Auditing – The Future Of Audit.

Performing an effective audit requires a diverse skill set and a significant investment of time Read More >

Client Relations At The dot HQ

At dot, building strong client relations not only helps us develop strong customer loyalty but Read More >

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Setting Client Expectations – Why It’s Important (And How to Do It)

As a business leader, you know that all your clients, even the easy-going ones, come Read More >

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Why diversification – not putting all your eggs in one basket – is so important.

Experts advise that no single client should account for more than 8-10% of your total Read More >

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How Accountants Can Use ‘Management Accounts’ To Advise Clients On Business Decisions.

For all businesses, good accounting and financial management can be the difference between success and Read More >

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Overcome Some Of Today’s Biggest Challenges Faced By The Accounting Industry with Outsourcing Accounting Services

Although most accountants and firms have embraced the perennial changes of our disruptive tech-driven world, Read More >

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5 Signs That You May Need To Start Outsourcing Your Work

Today, business help and support are virtually everywhere. Tasks are becoming automated and more efficient, Read More >

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Key Skills For Accountants In A Post Pandemic World

The global pandemic has compelled businesses across industries to adapt and transform their business models. Read More >

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Hybrid working in the accounting industry.

As the world slowly returns to pre pandemic normal, the accounting industry finds itself moving Read More >

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Rising prices sends inflation in the UK soaring to a new 30-year high as the cost-of living crisis intensifies

UK’s Inflation is at its highest since the early 1990s – 6.2% in the latest Read More >

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Demand & Technology – Transforming the future of accounting

With giant leaps being made every day in the world of technology, the accounting industry Read More >

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UK firms face huge blows to growth amid ongoing skills shortage

As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK economy appears to be regaining strength Read More >

Phil Sayers – Proten Sales Development

Phil Sayers shares some valuable insight on how accountants can focus on high margin work Read More >

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How Fintech is changing the Accounting Industry

Over the years, fintech has found a place across a plethora of companies and industries Read More >

Get To Know The dots

Our Vice President, Dharmesh Makani talks about his expertise and experience with dot.

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Support For The UK SME’s

SMEs have been operating in crisis mode since the pandemic began, focused solely on the Read More >

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Top Tips For The Jump Back To Office Life

As business comes surging back and companies look ahead to life after the pandemic, soon Read More >

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Significance Of Building Relationship & Trust

There is no substitute to the personal touch – I am a firm believer in Read More >

Women In Practice

With a high percentage of women in practice and a lower percentage of women in Read More >

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Debunking 5 Myths of Outsourcing Accounting Services

Although outsourcing has been pivotal in the success of several companies and is central to Read More >

Strategic Partnerships At Dot

At Dot, we’ve built some great relationships in the accounting industry and from these relationships, Read More >

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Does Outsourcing Mean Clients Lose That Personal Touch ?

As client expectations rapidly evolve along with the advances in digital innovation and technology, it Read More >

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UK Job Vacancies at all time high

It has been reported that the UK job vacancy rate had hit a high as Read More >

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Making Tax Digital And The Digital Adoption

The 20th and 21st of September saw the return of the Accountex Summit North exhibition Read More >

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The 4 day Week: Can it really work?

The working world is changing for what seems to be the long-term by the way Read More >

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What is dot’s purpose?

When my co-founder Kehul and I created the foundations of dot, one of the main Read More >

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Remote Teams are Trending

There are many people who are missing working from the office and I know there Read More >

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The story of dot

The team at dot have been working at 100mph since the company and website launched Read More >

The Full Package At Dot

At dot, we developed the concept of ‘dot Pros’, which is where we hire specific Read More >

Training & Culture At Dot

Training at dot is an ongoing and continuous process. We put in a lot of Read More >

Dot Club

Dot Club was originated with the purpose of bringing like-minded people from the accounts industry Read More >

Staying In Control When Outsourcing

When it comes to keeping control of your work, we recommend that our dotPro’s work Read More >

Pro’s & Con’s Of Outsourcing

There are pros and cons when it comes to outsourcing, the cons usually arise when Read More >

How Accountants Can Save Money For Themselves

With new regulations and increased costs post-pandemic, this is where the benefits of outsourcing your Read More >

The Birth of dot

In this video we share the birth of DOT The idea behind DOT was born Read More >

The Purpose Behind dot

In this video we share the purpose behind DOT Our overarching vision is to be Read More >

dot’s Culture

In this video we share the culture within dot. People are our most valuable asset. Read More >

The “New Normal” and working from home

In this video we share what the ‘New Normal’ looks like in regards to remote Read More >

What is dotKris?

The idea for dotKris came from our time of working within the accounting industry, identifying Read More >

Data Protection

One of the most important aspects of working remotely is ‘Data Security’ and here at Read More >

Community Relationships with dot

Our charity partner here at dot is, Hertfordshire Young Homeless. Their main aim is to Read More >

dot’s launch and reaction of the global conduit in outsourcing

Since the launch of dot it has been very encouraging to get such amazing feedback Read More >

Learn About Outsourcing For Your Business

The term ‘outsourcing’ is derived from ‘outside resourcing’. It involves the contracting-out of a business Read More >

Tech Development

Over the last 12 months Arun and Kehul have taken a sabbatical to really identify Read More >

Our Outsourcing & Technology guide eBook

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