Data Protection

Data Protection

By Janita Kapoor

One of the most important aspects of working remotely is ‘Data Security’ and here at dot, we understand the huge responsibility this is and want to ensure people their data is secure.

The team at dot have spent an extensive amount of time ensuring our client’s data is safe and secure when they work with us. ‘Data Security’ is a subject which is very close to our hearts at dot. We have invested a lot of time creating dotKris and ensuring client’s data is never compromised.

Did you know that dot’s entire cloud platform of data is hosted on a UK server for additional security? We receive alerts should anyone attempt to download or access information without the correct authority and permissions We have added an additional layer of security for our clients, which ‘remotely wipes off’ the client’s data should their laptop or device be lost or stolen when traveling for example.

For more information about dot and how our data protection procedures can protect you and your accountancy business click the link to our website. ➡️