Debunking 5 Myths of Outsourcing Accounting Services

Debunking 5 Myths of Outsourcing Accounting Services

By Janita Kapoor

Although outsourcing has been pivotal in the success of several companies and is central to the smooth operation of some of the world’s biggest and most renowned corporations, despite that, there are many with reservations in adopting outsourcing for their businesses.

Let’s look at some common misconceptions about outsourcing accounting services.

Outsourcing providers don’t perform as well as an in-house team.
Outsourcing providers have dedicated staff focused on specific business tasks, unlike an in-house team that juggles multiple responsibilities with higher turnover rates affecting productivity. They also hire highly talented and skilled employees from a pool of huge talent present in their respective country. Having a clear definition of the scope of work or project allows you to be in sync with your outsourced team and clearly identify your expectations.

Concerns of losing control is alleviated with remote working tools at disposal such as MS Teams, Zoom, Slack etc. hence bridging the distance gap and helping everyone work together as a single unit. Involving the offshore team in training, team meetings and job allocations, helps you keep control of workflows at the same time encourages the outsourcing partner for delivering consistent quality.

Cost effectiveness is the only driver of Outsourcing.
It’s true, outsourcing can deliver significant cost savings in comparison to the cost of having an in-house team, but along with the benefit of cost saving, skill shortages can be met with experienced staff trained in latest technology & software.

Outsourcing can provide flexibility with respect to increase and decrease in volumes of work as and when required as per the nature of your business.

With access to new tools, business outcomes can be improved and without the hassles of recruitment, training, hardware and office cost, your company’s focus can be shifted towards core competencies to your grow businesses.

Puts data at risk.
Reputed outsourcing providers know and understand the huge responsibility data protection is and hold cybersecurity and data safety in the highest regard. Besides putting stringent security measures in place, outsourcing providers follow standard regulations, for e.g., GDPR for processing data of UK & EU clients.

All outsourcing providers are the same.
Not every Outsourcing provider can deliver quality service. Therefore, there are only a select few players in the market which are successful. Before choosing an outsourcing partner, it is important to ask key questions such as how the remote staff & workflow is managed? How are deadlines met? & How is consistency in quality ensured etc.

Choosing a partner purely based on lower cost can affect the business negatively.

Outsourcing comes with language & cultural barriers.
Outsourcing providers hire staff that are comfortable in understanding and speaking the client’s preferred language and have good experience in working with countries that speak the same language. Adequate training is provided to the staff to sensitize them towards the culture of the country they are servicing.

Changing a business model needs to be given careful consideration and analysis and finding the right outsourcing partner with the right experience can make this transition for you and your business, smooth & seamless.

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