Does Outsourcing Mean Clients Lose That Personal Touch ?

Does Outsourcing Mean Clients Lose That Personal Touch ?

By Janita Kapoor

As client expectations rapidly evolve along with the advances in digital innovation and technology, it has become more important than ever for businesses to maintain personal touch with customers. According to, 84% of people feel that being treated like an individual, rather than a number, is crucial to earning their business.

There is no substitute to the personal touch and humans are hard-wired to want relationships and meaningful interactions with people. We all like to work with people we are comfortable with and it’s so relevant when it comes to an accountants’ relationship with their clients. With cutting edge technology here to assist, accountants can service their clients in a much better way.

With the help of our proprietary software dotkris, clients find it quick and easy to share feedback on each work done. This is a great way to add personal touch to not only let them know their opinion matters, but it also helps us improve our processes to serve our clients better in future. The team also has access to the feedback, so the clients do not feel like they are starting all over again if their usual point of contact isn’t available.

Our unique concept of ‘dot Pros’, is where we hire specific members of staff for firms of accountants. This makes the relationship between the client and the dot pro more personable as the staff is working exclusively for them. Whether the client requires compliance work, year-end accounts, bookkeeping services or management accounts or payroll or taxation or any of the services, we train our dot pros specific to the needs of the client.

Some clients prefer to do everything online without even talking to another soul while others appreciate connecting with helpful humans as they do business. Offering convenient options to meet both ends of the spectrum by incorporating the best technology and the opportunity to access real people in real time is a good way to balance things out.

Today’s clients expect you to be more involved in their business and tools like cloud accounting software with live bank feeds enable these accountants to be on top of their numbers. With the world now embracing video technology software tools like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Skype, accountants can now spend time with clients virtually and save travel time. One-to-one meeting will continue when feasible, but when the client is buying a service from you because of the relationship you built over years, then that human element cannot be replaced. Businesses are built on the backbone of relationships. A majority of business usually comes from referrals, and no amount of technology is going to replace that as people buy from people.

Connecting with clients on a personal level and using top-notch technology & software does not have to be an either/or choice. At dot we use technology to benefit from the advantages and efficiencies of the tools available to us, while also creating meaningful & lasting connections with our clients.

As technology marches relentlessly forward, and it would be foolish to argue otherwise, some things remain constant, and people-to-people communication will continue to be one of them.