Tech Development

By Janita Kapoor

Over the last 12 months Arun and Kehul have taken a sabbatical to really identify how we can help our clients in the accounting industry with software. Our first insight was dotKris.

At dot we are heavily invested in developing software for the accounting industry and welcome conversations from the accounting space to see how we can help our sector even further.

Accountancy is our primary skill set at dot, and so software has been a completely different ball game for us. It’s been a great learning experience which has given us other skills to support the accounting industry with.

The key lesson we learned at dot whilst developing the software was to have an agile model. To achieve this, we brought together a scrum team.

We were fortunate enough to have two experts in the capital market to support us in the design of the software. This inevitably removed the possibility of pain for our clients as we completed the build.