dot’s launch and reaction of the global conduit in outsourcing

By Janita Kapoor

Since the launch of dot it has been very encouraging to get such amazing feedback from our contacts and staff. The key feedback has been how the customer journey of both the brand and software has really stood out.

The feedback on dot Kris has been reassuring from the market and gives us great confidence with our vision for benefitting accountants. Worth the time we have spent on this and shows a solid foundation for dot which we have brought forward from over 20 years in the industry by Arun & Kehul.

Through the demos of dot Kris it’s very encouraging to see that clients are thinking way beyond the software and investigating bespoke uses for it in their businesses.

The feedback we are getting from #accountancy clients in the market is really cementing our ethos of the business being the global conduit for outsourcing.

For those who are not aware of what dot Kris is, it’s a tool by which accountants can keep track of their work and have a fully immersive experience, keeping track of the timelines and progress, to name just a few features.