Accounting Outsourcing Services

Tech-driven outsourcing for accountants


dot’s unique resourcing solution enables accountancy firms to do two things:

  1. Combat skills shortages and scale easily and flexibly, without the hassle and expense of hiring in-house
  2. Improve delivery of accounting services to end-clients with technology

We provide qualified and experienced accountants well-versed in purpose-built software. This software will increase the efficiency and efficacy of your bookkeeping, reporting, forecasting and customer relationship management, giving you a clear technological advantage over your competitors.


Our Outsourcing & Technology guide eBook


Our co-founder Arun Ravindranathan has written an eBook which explores a number of commonly asked questions that crop up frequently in accountancy firms. The eBook explains the concept of outsourcing & technology and how it can work for accountancy firms like you.

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The tech-empowered accountants who become an indispensable extension of your in-house team


An all-in-one project, performance and customer relationship management platform