The 4 day Week: Can it really work?

The 4 day Week: Can it really work?

By Janita Kapoor

The working world is changing for what seems to be the long-term by the way we have adopted distributed teams and remote working – this seems to be an accepted way of working now even if in a hybrid model with part of the team’s time spent in the office and the rest remotely (read more about this subject here in my previous blog post). However, is the subject of a reduced 4 day working week out of the question as we talk about change? Can it really work? 

A recent article (Scotland to trial a four-day week – BBC News) went into the subject of a 4 day week as it is believed that Scotland will be trialling this in areas and keeping salaries the same. So what could this look like? Would it be a 3 day weekend? Or a reduction of hours across the week to the effect of 20%?

There has been research into the benefits and positive results in productivity when a nations working hours have been put up against each other; “For example, full-time employees in Germany work 1.8 hours a week less than those in the UK but are 14.6% more productive. And in Denmark – the EU country with the shortest hours – workers put in over four hours less than UK workers, but productivity in Denmark is 23.5% higher.” (British workers putting in longest hours in the EU, TUC analysis finds | TUC)

With a conscious concern for employee wellbeing and mental health, this could be a key discussion point as experts say that fewer working hours lead to brighter minded, healthier, and more motivated workforces. 

At dot we are very focussed on ensuring the health and mental wellbeing of our team of dotPros. As they spend a significant amount of time working remotely with our clients, it’s important to us that we acknowledge some difficulties they face with working remotely and the impact this can have on their mental wellbeing. Remote working can be a challenge on an individual’s mental health, and we all know that without the people, you don’t have a business. So, at dot we have periodic health checks to ensure our team of dotPros are all well and in a positive place mentally. 

For us, its more than just ticking some boxes on a survey and just checking in once every few weeks. We also encourage our dotPros to take part in several little activities such as social events, weekly check-ins and sharing success as well as pursuing learning and development opportunities.

dot is a people centric business, and we know that if we have a happy and healthy workforce this will be represented in the quality of service we provide. 

Our dotPros are the face of dot. Their success is our success.

Our dotPros are the face of dot. Their success is our success, which is why we’re determined to help them develop into the best accountants they can be. We do this by upgrading their skills with a full-scale induction and training programme when they join us. This includes education on UK culture for a smoother transition.Find out more on what we offer our dotPros in development and training here.