Outsourced Accounting Services

The Birth of dot

By Janita Kapoor

In this video we share the birth of DOT The idea behind DOT was born around a year ago when Arun & Kehul were looking at tech in the outsourcing marketplace.

The reason behind DOT was down to Arun and Kehul having first-hand experience of the ongoing challenges accounts faced with technology.

Our aim for the first 12 months was to develop a relationship with a developer for the software, with a mutual vision when it comes to forward-thinking accountancy.

The first hire at DOT was actually a developer and not an accountant! It’s been a huge learning experience and has come at the cost of a receding hairline for Arun 😉

The birth of DOT is like the birth of a child. Watching that child grow has been a fascinating experience as the software has developed.

The DOT purpose in short is… ECG ✅ Educate ✅ Connect ✅ Grow We want to support our clients by being the global growth conduit in outsourcing.

DOT is different because we educate accountants about outsourcing with the support of a SaaS model #SoftwareAsASolution 👍

The biggest part of our ethos is that we are based in the UK & India, with our teams regularly visiting each location, it’s a deep part of our culture.