Office workers

The “New Normal” and working from home

By Janita Kapoor

In this video we share what the ‘New Normal’ looks like in regards to remote working and outsourcing.

With COVID-19 in our world we have had to adapt to the change, hence the new normal for the world of remote working and outsourcing – its the future.

With the communication channels available to us today, we are able to support our staff, the ‘New Normal’ of hybrid working is making our staff very happy, due to the flexibility with home and work.

With more and more companies able to give their teams choice as to when they work, either full time, part time and even weekends, it gives the business greater levels of flexibility when it comes to deliverables.

Our founder Arun believes that once COVID-19 has settled, more and more businesses will adapt a hybrid model of working – part in the office and part at home for more flexibility and greater work life balance.

Which links to the dot purpose, which in short is… ECG ✅ Educate ✅ Connect ✅ Grow We want to support our clients by being the global growth conduit in outsourcing.

dot is different because we educate accountants about outsourcing with the support of a SaaS model #SoftwareAsASolution 👍

The biggest part of our ethos is that we are based in the UK & India, with our teams regularly visiting each location, it’s a deep part of our culture.