The story of dot

The story of dot

By Janita Kapoor

The team at dot have been working at 100mph since the company and website launched back in May, we thought as the Summer is upon us, we’d take the time to share our experiences from the first 2 months of dot and explain where the concept of the business came from. 

The idea of dot was born when our founders Arun Ravindranathan and Kehul Patel were looking at tech in the marketplace. They knew from experience that the accountancy industry is constantly moving at an incredibly fast pace and both Arun and Kehul wanted to do something that hadn’t been seen in the industry before, do something that was different to their 20 years of experience in the industry. 

We thought the best option for us would be to look for a tech driven business. That’s how the origin of dot came about and the acronym standing for Digital Outsourcing Technology.” – Arun Ravindranathan, Co-Founder

Arun and Kehul identified that the amount of automation requests, technology and software was endless, and they both strongly believed that they didn’t want dot to rely on a piece of third-party software, they wanted to be a creator of a piece of software that would complement dot’s outsourcing business. 

Having worked with so many accountants, they understood the challenges accountants face every day and this is how the idea of dotKris and dotCast came about. Both Arun and Kehul wanted to join the dots between outsourcing and technology, so they embarked on a journey to create software with their in-house development team in India that would work perfectly with our in-house team of dotPros

“It’s been quite a fascinating journey in the last 12 months because as Kehul rightly points out, we have dealt with accountants for a long time in the outsourcing space but now we are dealing with I.T. professionals. So last 12 months have been so fascinating, that our first hire is not even an accountant. Our first hire was a programmer.” Arun Ravindranathan, Co-Founder

We know that accountants sometimes struggle to use the software that’s available, to help with clients’ bookkeeping, payroll, year-end and management accounts and taxation. 

dot’s purpose is to educate, connect and grow. We want to be a global growth conduit for outsourcing.

We want to educate our clients about outsourcing and tech and how we can support our clients with tech.

We want to be the connection for the accountants between their offices here in the UK and our fully qualified accountants in India. 

And finally, we want our clients to understand how we can help them grow their business.

“We will be introducing more tech products over the period of the next one year.

And we are we will be working closely with our clients and other forms of accountants to see what else we can do for them.” Arun Ravindranathan, Co-Founder

Every firm is different. Every partner within the firm is different. So we engage with you, work with you and communicate closely with you whilst blending our expertise in outsourcing and our developing series of tech. 

If you’d like to know more after reading this blog, we have a video recording of Arun and Kehul chatting a few weeks ago which can be found on our YouTube Channel here. Don’t forget to subscribe to see regular videos from the team. 

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