Top UK Firm Larking Gowen Forges “Help on Demand” Partnership with The dot HQ

Overcoming the challenge of maintaining consistent high-quality service is no easy task for any business, particularly in the accounting and finance sector during peak periods of the financial year. However, The dot HQ has managed to solve this problem for their esteemed partner firms across the UK with their innovative outsourcing service.

Larking Gowen LLP, a prominent accountancy and business advisory firm with multiple offices in the East of England, recently formed a partnership with The dot HQ and experienced a remarkable transformation during busy financial periods.

As one of the top 50 firms in the UK, Larking Gowen often operates at maximum capacity. Recognizing the importance of delivering excellent service to both their larger and smaller clients, they realized the need for a smart solution that would enable them to maintain exceptional customer service even during their busiest times. This drove Larking Gowen to explore innovative resourcing solutions and ultimately partner with dot.

Finding a flexible and scalable solution that aligned with their specific business requirements was crucial for Larking Gowen. They decided to engage in a three-month trial period offered by dot, ensuring that both parties were fully satisfied with the quality of service and turnaround time.

Following the successful completion of the trial period, dot’s innovative resourcing solution, known as the Professionals On Demand (POD) model, provided Larking Gowen with a dedicated team of professionals who could work remotely and seamlessly integrate with their existing team.

Speaking on the decision to engage with dot, Larking Gowen said that the flexibility and willingness to work together really stood out. The onboarding experience was very good, and regular catchups and initial training provided to the managers of the team made the experience easy.

Partner, Mark Curtis, from the Larking Gowen, said about the transition, “Whilst there was an element of skepticism going into our outsourcing trial, dot managed to turn 100% of our Partners into supporters and we now have an ongoing working relationship.”

Since establishing the partnership, the collaboration has flourished, and the firm has been consistently impressed with the positive changes brought about by their team of PODs.

The outcomes achieved through this partnership truly speak for themselves. The firm has successfully alleviated pressure on their teams during busy periods, effectively distributed their workload throughout the year, and significantly enhanced their customer service and turnaround times.

The dot team members have also displayed enthusiasm for their work and have readily adapted their processes to align with Larking Gowen's specific needs. This aspect of the relationship has proven to be invaluable and has made a substantial contribution to their mutual success thus far.

Larking Gowen fully expects dot and their POD services to become an increasingly crucial resourcing partner, enabling them to expand and enhance their client service offerings. They acknowledge that there may be some hesitations associated with outsourcing, often due to the unknown. However, this esteemed accounting firm firmly asserts that dot team members are an integral extension of their own team, and the partnership does not necessitate any compromise on quality. In fact, it aids
in maintaining consistently high levels of service.

Larking Gowen is very pleased to be in partnership with dot and, when asked about advice to others considering outsourcing, Martin Bugg, Partner at the firm, said, “Give it a go and go into it with an open mind. Treat the dot team members just like your own team and it will work for you. It’s a great way to create capacity in your team and will allow you to provide better client service.”