What is dot’s purpose?

What is dot’s purpose?

By Janita Kapoor

When my co-founder Kehul and I created the foundations of dot, one of the main things we wanted to do was to help forward-thinking accountants grow in the accountancy industry. 

When we were working on building the purpose and looking at the long-term vision of the business, it was really important for us to look at what we are and what we’re not. In the early stages of the business, I had a conversation with our Communications Director Vida Barr-Jones around moving forward and combining those elements of what we are and what we’re not so that we could shape our purpose, we ended up having a really good debate and good conversation that we workshopped for hours.

dot’s overarching vision is to be the global conduit in outsourcing. We recognise that accountants are often facing a huge challenge of consistently delivering multiple services to clients whilst also being expected by their clients to be advisers and business solutions providers.

Our purpose is to bring together that fusion of technology with professional outsourced individuals.

At dot, we have qualified experts in the field of accounting; they’re our dotPros. Each dotPro is passionate about sharing their knowledge and doing that activity for accountants which for firms can be the most time consuming. 

“I’m really passionate about where we’re going with our purpose. And I think with the future of accountancy outsourcing. I really like the idea that we’ve got this innovative, influential and customer first technology business and it’s going to really, really help forward thinking accountants.”

Vida Barr-Jones, Communications Director

We are a very people centric company. We are passionate about authenticity and passionate about inclusion and knowledge and sharing what we know with clients. We’re going to be able to bring that together with what we’re doing with the software platforms that we’ve built. It’s great to have software as a solution, but it’s also great that we understand the need to fuse those two things together for accountants.

The last 18 months have shown us that people are accepting the concept of partly working remotely so it doesn’t really matter where a team is based. Our idea of bringing people together in India with people and businesses in the UK, we realised that we’ve got these really amazing, highly skilled, highly qualified individuals who will build this really personal relationship with accountants. 

“We also recognise that for accountants these days, there’s a lot of software being presented to them and that it’s almost like bright, shiny toys. But then most don’t actually know how to use that software and it can be a wasted effort.”

Vida Barr-Jones, Communications Director

As I stated earlier in this blog, one of the main things that was very important to both myself and Kehul from the start was to help forward-thinking accountants grow in the accountancy industry. And a key way we do this is by bringing software together with an experienced individual who can actually use it to its full capacity.

At the heart of our business is Kehul Patel, one of our co-founders. Vida once explained that Kehul is in what we call our engine room as he has been immersed in accounting and software for a really long time. 

Together, myself, Kehul and the rest of the team at dot are hoping to re-educate people into the benefits of outsourcing. 

If you’d like to know more after reading this blog, we have a video recording of myself, Kehul and Vida chatting a few weeks ago which can be found on our YouTube Channel here. Don’t forget to subscribe to see regular videos from the team.

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